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Websites and Press Publicity

Are you starting the process of planning a website and wondering what your prospects want to know about you and your business? Have already got a website and want feedback from your target audience to find out if they would buy from you? When you are starting out, it can be difficult to predict what the ‘buzz’ about you and your business will be, that will prompt people to start talking and inquiring about you.

I can speed that process up. Firstly, your website can tell your story in the same way that an engaging article in the press can do. Although there is so much noise today from media, social media and online, people still desire engaging content.

Whatever you do, it will be something you are knowledgeable and confident about, while your target audience will be those needing this knowledge and expertise. How do you bridge that gap and draw in people who are not familiar with the nuts and bolts of your industry? You need to roll out the data equivalent of the red carpet and draw them in. What are they now? What do they want to know? What do they not know they need to know? What is interesting about you? It’s about seeing your business and your website through your customers’ eyes.

I believe facts make choice. Series of action and commentary then become human stories, which seem true and create a buzz as people remember them to pass on, resulting in word of mouth and personal recommendations.

For examples of my work, please see my Recent Portfolio on this website and there are links to my FB page, Scribd, Pinterest and Twitter for events and press publicity.

I love working with other people. With colllaborative communication, you can steer your content and ensure it stays in your voice. I have supported creative students with academic work for syntax, citations, biography and proof-reading. This process can prompt you to remember important parts of your story.

I think websites are like visiting a new town for the first time. Once you have run an advertising campaign, make sure new visitors to your website can navigate easily through to check-out. I can identify any bumps in the road or blind corners with my UX consultancy. Tried and tested.


I recently launched my scientific consultancy business and Sophie assisted me in writing the article that was published in a leading magazine in the sector Additive Manufacturing.

She was able to add clarity and focus to the message during the editorial process.  An ability to quickly grasp and understand new concepts led to contributions that made the article easier for the targeted audience to read.

Dr Gordon Kerr – Metal Powder Emergence Ltd

Dr Gordon Kerr – Metal Powder Emergence Ltd

That’s fantastic work Sophie and we really appreciate all your hard work and professionalism. I’m sure you will keep us updated of anything else that comes back, lets stay in touch!

– Eyes for Gertrude, January 2015.

– Eyes for Gertrude, January 2015.

Firstly, thank you so much for helping with the website study last week for NHS Services Finder. We got some valuable feedback, and we’ll be making some changes based on what you said. You will genuinely make the service easier to use for other people, so we really are grateful.

Paul Crichton at Test Partners for NHS Services Finder

Paul Crichton at Test Partners for NHS Services Finder


Web Content

After an HTML, Dreamweaver and Photoshop course in 2001, I created the website for my employer. I am passionate about cost-effective, user friendly websites. If you would like a simple informative website about you, Please inquire.

Press Publicity

Since holding an art exhibition in 1994, I have become very successful at generating press publicity by creating a reader-friendly story, which is published in the press. Editorial creates more connection with customers than advertising alone.

UX Testing

Since 2003, I have worked with charities, festivals and publications to raise awareness about the benefits of diversity, inclusion and accessibility. I can find the solution to make any website easy to navigate with suggestions to reach your audience.

Social Media

Learn more – my story


Based in Falmouth, Cornwall UK