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Did you know how quickly you could have your own website discoverable online? This would be signpost customers to you without paid advertising?

As a journalist and press publicitist with published written work spanning three decades, I will find the story about what makes you special so that the people you want to reach will come to you and might even spread the word.

Joe Sumner outside the Palladium in 2022, whose band Santa’s Boyfriend I booked to play gigs in Camden and at the Mean Fiddler in 1996-7.

Traditionally, public relations is propaganda, because it tries to tell you how good something is or manipulate you to want it. I believe in consumer choice. We can use our spending power to make a better world and be richer for it. I think facts create choice, whereas selection can be overwhelming.

Music writing from events in the mid-late 1990s by Sophie Sweatman

Simply put, people trust editorial more than advertising. Paid promotion is great to provide information but not to tell a story as it is subjective by its nature. Therefore, a print-ready article about you accompanied by suitable images can create a buzz about you.

Your profile and credibility will be raised when I use an objective style to report events and quotes about your products and business, which says why you are interesting, sustainable, fun, healthy, cost-effective, local or unique. This approach makes you memorable by using a narrative style that allows readers to form their own opinion about you through the facts they learn by reading your story.

My first press campaign in Cornwall – for the Fish Factory

Here are theatre reviews from London Fringe

Lastly, here is some press publicity for music artists living in Cornwall today

Here are some Pinterest boards with links to my published work.

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