Sophie Sweatman inside in December 2021
Sophie Sweatman

Art degree, journalism postgrad, writing MA and Entrepreneurship MSc, lived in Falmouth and Crouch End, loves outdoors, swimming, conversation and creating innovative fun solutions

Welcome to Sweet Sound Communications

After decades of writing articles, organising and publicising events, promoting artists and independent businesses, creating websites, ghostwriting pieces with experts for the trade press and providing websites with intuitive accessible navigation solutions, I am ready to present these services to you. This website showcases testimonials and examples of my work. This stretches back to 1995.

Sophie’s Services

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Sweet Sound PR
(2012 – 2020)
Alongside working for a music PR company, I provided press publicity for an art gallery and studio space, DJ, comedy promoters, venues, theatre, local musicians and events. I also wrote trade press expert pieces collaboratively with customers and assisted e-commerce websites with intuitive navigation routemaps for new customers to convert advertising prospects into loyal customers.

Aardvark Records
(2016 – 2019)
As well as promoting new and existing artists signed to this record company digitally and in the local press, I scouted for new talent and organised events to launch their recording releases.

Discover Music Digital Global
(2013 – 2016)
I joined a music PR company with a large roster of clients releasing new music, who ranged from novelty Internet sensations, new artists to familiar names to write attention grabbing news stories and find ways to engage entertainment and music print and radio press to increase their audience and raising clients’ profiles.

“That’s fantastic work Sophie and we really appreciate all your hard work and professionalism. I’m sure you will keep us updated of anything else that comes back, lets stay in touch!” – Eyes for Gertrude, January 2015.