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My first podcast

Hello there, I’ve made a podcast. It’s a light-hearted take on English expressions currently used often, from my point of view being born hard of hearing, being raised to put others at comfort – unlike my podcast – and having dyspraxia so thinking in pictures and taking things literally. The sounds come from Pixabay and…

The Benefits of Hearing Aids for the Hard of Hearing

This morning I received a newsletter from Harley Street Hearing and Musicians’ Hearing Services. It is a good thing that hearing protectors are being discussed along with hearing aids. I wear a hearing aid and read this hearing news to see if my customer needs were addressed. It has long been my suspicion that there…

Writing Services

Did you know how quickly you could have your own website discoverable online? This would be signpost customers to you without paid advertising? As a journalist and press publicitist with published written work spanning three decades, I will find the story about what makes you special so that the people you want to reach will…

Blog posts

Hi there. Thank you for visiting my new website for Sweet Sound Communications. This name came from Sweet Sound PR, which I used to generate press publicity for various artists from musicians, comedians, theatre and visual art, since working for the Fish Factory in 2012. Examples of this can be seen on my Facebook Page…

Sophie Sweatman inside in December 2021
December 2021
About Me

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m passionate about genuine inclusivity, diversity and accessibility, especially online. I was born hard of hearing and have Dyspraxia. If you advertise to reach more people, your website can turn them into loyal brand ambassadors by being user-friendly and anticipating customer questions. With a background in journalism and publishing, I will provide you with content for your audience and message.

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