Telling Your Story

Your Story

It’s all about you and I invite you to celebrate everything it took to get you here. As you know, people buy from people and humans love hearing and telling stories.

As a journalist, visual person and problem solver, who takes a holistic approach, there are two ways we can tell your audience or the whole world what is unique and special about what you do. Website and press publicity.

I’ll do the work and you can enjoy basking in the spotlight with a warm, loving Golden Hour glow.

I propose two ways to connect with your audience.

A unique journalist website – telling your story in a magazine layout, which makes you visible to people searching for your products or service and raises your profile and credibility when anyone seeks you out online.
Press Publicity – print ready story and photographs into your local press, which raises your profile locally and puts you ahead of the competition.

Whether you already have a website or not, we can work together to ensure your content and navigation are engaging with:

  • Search Enging Optimisation – Integrating keywords into your website narrative to navigate your target audience from search engines.
  • Magazine appearance – your website is attractively laid out using pictures to illustrate,
  • User-friendly navigation – Once you have drawn people to your website, SatNav style signposting through to engagement would maximise the conversion from strangers to brand ambassadors.
  • Immediacy – in a fast paced digital world, a glance at your homepage would entice the right people to engage by using clear navigation.

Websites by Sweet Sound Communications

  • Website for Cornwall Garage Promotions
  • Website for Santa Monica Menorca
  • Quick website for Jacqués Wood – a seed website about a sustainable alternative to wood (SA2W) for Techstars Weekend Penryn. (Second placed team).
  • How to Be Bullyproof – changing the conversation from “beat the bully” to learning how to protect yourself, children or others from bullying by identifying and understanding the human behaviour.
  • This one of course.

Press Publicity by Sweet Sound PR

  • A conversation to gather the reader-friendly story of you
  • Works for artists, events, charities, businesses, new products
  • Collaboration with you to find images, sent in print size and dpi
  • Ways to ensure interested readers can follow up
  • Creates a boost for your business and puts you ahead of competitors

For a free hosted website with a domain of your choice (£15 year paid by you to WordPress, using your email, password and domain), I can produce a website with 3-5 pages, blog, navigation menu and magazine layout within 2 days for £250. Our collaborations starts with a conversation to find your story and unique proposition. Then an email checklist of materials required: images, information, testimonials and contact details. Finally, you can test the website before it goes live. Until then you will see a “coming soon’ page on your website domain.

For a press release written and sent to your local paper of choice, which includes contacting them to find out who the news editor is and follow-up, is £100. My USP here is to manage expectations. While there is no guarantee your story will go in the press, I have an exceptionally high hit rate by ensuring the story needs little editing, is in an objective journalist style and comes with follow-up details and suitable images. See my publicity campaign for Scrumpstock, Eyes for Gertrude and the North London Hospice for examples of my work, as well as comedy in Cornwall for events organised by Graham Wilkes shown below:

Examples of by-lined articles and press publicity for events, venues, people and places can be seen on my Recent Portfolio page.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss raising your profile and collaborating on digital and press content to tell your story.