Did you know how quick and easy it could be to have your own website?

I can create your account, set up hosting, your domain and desig build a website to be visible via searches, about you and your business. Here are some examples

Information about my web content and UX testing services

Website from Scratch

If you would like online presence, to ensure your audience finds you easily when they search, I can build you a quick, simple and effective website to tell your story and draw in business

User-friendly design

Does you brand want to stand for inclusive, accessible, diverse and user-friendly? I can find the quickest, most cost effective solutions to signpost your new customers to engage with you.

UX Consultancy

Have you ever abandoned a website before making a purchase? To maximise customers converting into loyal brand ambassadors, I can ensure your web navigation flows.

UX Consultancy

If you already have a website, I can provide detailed feedback, with me taking the role of a mystery shopper taking the perspective of one of your new customers in your target audience and also a journalist scouting for a story about a new business. I would look for the full picture of your business following the who? what? when? where? why? and identify the quickest and smallest changes to text, layout, menus, navigation or imagery to fine tune your message for your target audience, removing bumps and bugs, which may be barriers to entry.

Customers can be described as ‘runners’ – loyal to your brand, they trust you and come and look at all your new products. Runners cost the least to sell to and are worth the investment to attract. ‘Repeaters’ – these are people who are likely to respond to advertising. If they want something, they will click through an advert, but keep needing reminding. They cost more to attract as they don’t come back if they need to come and find you. ‘Strangers’ – like repeaters, they come through advertising or recommendations.

My view is that Strangers can become Runners or Repeaters if your website draws them in, tells them why they need you and answers their concerns. Once they have bought from you, they are likely to come back for more or recognise you when you next enter their radar. The last type of customer are the ‘Stranglers’. I know you might expect to hear Golden Brown now, but it’s not the band of course. Stranglers can become Runners or Repeaters but they require more work.

Like the Social Model for disability, if your business and service are completely accessible, inclusive and your website is well signposted, they would have nothing to complain about. They may just sing your praises. Ironically, many big corporate websites can ‘strangle’ customers because they are geared up to corporate runners whose job it is to buy from them and they don’t seem interested in the ‘Strangers’ brought in by their advertising. Subsequently, user-friendly websites are like ‘runners’ and we’ll keep going back for more.

Below is an example of a website I provided UX Consultancy for to make their process user-friendly:

We have implemented this change immediately. We have also added a note explaining the role that our fulfilment partner, [XXX Logistics], play in the process so that customers know to expect delivery notifications from them.

Barnaby Hughes, Actiph Water

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